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Tool-Trac - Tornado 400 sweep/suction system

Clear view all around - By placing the whole unit in the multi-arm, a free view is obtained in favour of the security. A great performance is achieved by only having a 1 meter suction hose between the container and mouth piece.

The handheld 8 meter wander hoseis suitable in corners, for basement shafts and light shafts. The bottom is opened hydraulically when it is unloading, and it is possible to unload directly above a container or a wagon.

The sweeping width can be adjusted from 1350 mm to 1800 mm in the farthest position. You decide, if the right or left broom should be the first to be used.

The sweeper is equipped with a 50 liter water tank. The water pressure and the oil pressure are shown on the two manometers which are placed, so they can be read from the driver's seat.

Tornado 400 is equipped with dust suppression on the exhaust air. Water is used in connection with a cyclone that prevents the dust from continuing out together with the exhaust air. A water nozzle is attached on both brushes to reduce the dust.

Tornado 400 is suitable for service contractors, housing associations, municipality and other sweeping tasks.

  • ​Efficient sweeping of pathways, pavements, and parking areas
  • 3 minutes to attach or detach a Tornado


Container width

1250 mm


2000 mm

Width suction nozzle

500 mm

Sweeping speed

2-6 km/h

Max. sweeping width

1800 mm​

Min. sweeping width

1350 mm


350 l

Air flow

3200 m3/h

Water tank

50 l​

Max. water consumption

1,2 l/min

Water pressure

1,7 bar

Length on wander hose

8 m

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