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Produced more than 1.000 machines​

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Timan A/S
Fabriksvej 13
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Tool-Trac​ - Basic Machine

Tool-Trac - Tool Carrier and Mini Loader

Tool carrier and mini loader

With Tool-Trac you get two machines in one, as it is both a tool carrier and a mini loader. This means that many different tasks can be solved with the same machine - like lawn mowing, digging and planing, snow clearing, combating of weeds and much more.

The Tool-Trac is a machine that can be used all year long.

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Tool-Trac - Tornado

Tornado 400 sweep/suction system

​By choosing a Tool-Trac with a Tornado 400 you can change from a sweep/suction system to, e.g. a cutter or a mini loader with a shovel in just three minutes.

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Tool-Trac - Weed Brush

Weed Brush

Efficient and eco-friendly cleaning of all paved areas.

No use of chemicals and hereby a sustainable form of controlling weed.

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Tool-Trac - Pallet Forks

Pallet forks

With the pallet forks, various difficult materials are handled with ease. They are available in two different lengths.

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Tool-Trac - Shovel with Steel Edge

Shovel with steel edge

With functionality in focus, you will get a robust shovel which is usable for many purposes. It comes in three different sizes.

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Tool-Trac - Grab for Shovel

Grab for shovel

By adding a grab to the shovel, you will get a versatile tool that is particularly suitable for difficult tasks of grabbing.

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Tool-Trac - Rotary/Mulch Mower

Rotary/mulch mower

​Robust rotary mowers for mowing all kinds of different grass areas, if you want a good-looking result. Every mowing task is solved with four different models.

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Tool-Trac - Hydraulic Sweeper

Hydraulic sweeper

To keep footpaths and pathways clean and clear from snow, you can use this powerful and efficient sweeping machine usable all year.

Available in two different sizes.

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Tool-Trac - Snow Blade for Hydraulic Sweeper

Snow blade for hydraulic sweeper

​When it comes to clearing snow it is an advantage to have both the sweeper and snow blade along with you. Two tools in one.

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Tool-Trac - V-blade


The V-blade is constructed in a way that it can withstand constant impact from even huge amounts of snow and is highly suitable for ​daily professional use.

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Tool-Trac - Disc Spreader - Timan

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Disc Spreader - Timan

With the Timan disc spreader for Tool-Trac the spread rate is always the same - even if the engine speed changes.

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Tool-Trac - Disc spreader - Hydromann

Disc spreader - Hydromann

This disc spreader applies to the professional user with focus on environment and economy. There are two settings of operation, manual and electrical.

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Tool-Trac - Hydraulic Drop Spreader

Hydraulic drop spreader

The hydraulic drop spreader is a good professional solution for laying out gravel and salt on pathways and other narrow places.

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Tool-Trac - Salt and Grit Spreaders 100 H (roller spreader)

Salt and grit spreaders 100 H (roller spreader)

The simple design and durable components makes this spreader very low cost in maintenance.

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Tool-Trac - Self Loading Spreader

Self loading spreader

This self loading spreader is highly suitable when it comes to fighting slippery roads​ by spreading gravel and heavy material.

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Timan A/S
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