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Tool-Trac​ - Basic Machine

Tool-Trac - Tool Carrier and Mini Loader

Tool carrier and mini loader

With Tool-Trac you get two machines in one, as it is both a tool carrier and a mini loader. This means that many different tasks can be solved with the same machine - like lawn mowing, digging and planing, snow clearing, combating of weeds and much more.

The Tool-Trac is a machine that can be used all year long.

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Tool-Trac - Tornado

Tornado 400 sweep/suction system

​By choosing a Tool-Trac with a Tornado 400 you can change from a sweep/suction system to, e.g. a cutter or a mini loader with a shovel in just three minutes.

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Tool-Trac - Weed Brush

Weed Brush

Efficient and eco-friendly cleaning of all paved areas.

No use of chemicals and hereby a sustainable form of controlling weed.

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Tool-Trac - Pallet Forks

Pallet forks

With the pallet forks, various difficult materials are handled with ease. They are available in two different lengths.

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Tool-Trac - Shovel with Steel Edge

Shovel with steel edge

With functionality in focus, you will get a robust shovel which is usable for many purposes. It comes in three different sizes.

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Tool-Trac - Grab for Shovel

Grab for shovel

By adding a grab to the shovel, you will get a versatile tool that is particularly suitable for difficult tasks of grabbing.

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Tool-Trac - Rotary/Mulch Mower

Rotary/mulch mower

​Robust rotary mowers for mowing all kinds of different grass areas, if you want a good-looking result. Every mowing task is solved with four different models.

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Tool-Trac - Hydraulic Sweeper

Hydraulic sweeper

To keep footpaths and pathways clean and clear from snow, you can use this powerful and efficient sweeping machine usable all year.

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Tool-Trac - Snow Blade for Hydraulic Sweeper

Snow blade for hydraulic sweeper

​When it comes to clearing snow it is an advantage to have both the sweeper and snow blade along with you. Two tools in one.

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Tool-Trac - V-blade


The V-blade is constructed in a way that it can withstand constant impact from even huge amounts of snow and is highly suitable for ​daily professional use.

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Tool-Trac - Disc Spreader - Timan

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Disc Spreader - Timan

With the Timan disc spreader for Tool-Trac the spread rate is always the same - even if the engine speed changes.

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Tool-Trac - Disc spreader - Hydromann

Disc spreader - Hydromann

This disc spreader applies to the professional user with focus on environment and economy. There are two settings of operation, manual and electrical.

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Tool-Trac - Hydraulic Drop Spreader

Hydraulic drop spreader

The hydraulic drop spreader is a good professional solution for laying out gravel and salt on pathways and other narrow places.

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Tool-Trac - Salt and Grit Spreaders 100 H (roller spreader)

Salt and grit spreaders 100 H (roller spreader)

The simple design and durable components makes this spreader very low cost in maintenance.

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Tool-Trac - Self Loading Spreader

Self loading spreader

This self loading spreader is highly suitable when it comes to fighting slippery roads​ by spreading gravel and heavy material.

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