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Timan 3400 - Sweep/Suction System

This powerful suction sweeper can be used most of the year for outdoor cleaning of pavements, cycle paths, narrow paths in parks and on larger areas such as roads and parking areas.

The noise level from the suction sweeper is exceptionally low so the unit can be used near buildings without bothering the residents. - even in the early morning hours.

The sweeper has direct suction and no center brush or other common wear parts in the suction box.

The suction hose is under the cabin, which ensures optimal performance since this is the shortest way to the hopper.

The suction box is well protected so the risk of damage is minimal. It is suspended in floating position so it will follow the ground independently of the brushes.

To increase the sweeping capacity a camera can be installed behind the suction box, so the speed can be adjusted to the actual conditions. Under good conditions you can sweep with up to 8 to 10 km/h. If material is spilled just lower the speed and the Tornado effect will cause the material to move in the suction box and lift it right back up into the hose.

Rapid changeover without the need for tools.

Easy operation with the joystick in the cabin. Available with 7 m external suction hose as standard.

  • Better work environment with suction box camera and reduced noise level in cabin
  • Less noise disturbance in the local environment
  • Increased sweeping speed and daily capacity​​


Lenght in total

3.610 mm​


1.300 mm​


1.300 mm​


1990 mm​


210 kg​

Technical specifications

Sweeping width without side brushes

1.300 mm​

Sweeping width with one side brush

1.800 mm​

Sweeping width with two side brushes

2.300 mm​

Hopper capacity

500 l​

Water tank capacity

110 l​

Tipping height above terrain

1.350 mm​

Opening under suction box

120 mm​

Clearance height under brushes

170 mm​

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