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Timan 3400 - Center driven snow sweeper

When the winter arrives it is important to have a reliable machine that efficiently removes the snow.

This powerful sweeper leaves paths, pavements and roads nicely cleared.

The center-driven brush is controlled hydraulically and easily adjusted to the conditions.

It follows the surface perfectly and sweeps all the way into the kerbs and buildings without damaging them.

The hydraulic control makes it easy for the driver to check the position of the brush both in front of the tool carrier and on both sides.​

Built-in floating position that causes the brushes to follow an uneven surface with a height difference up to 75 mm.

Parallel displacement causes the brush to not turn to the side when turned from right to left causing the brush to have a max width of 1350 mm.

The brush is without gearbox and chain drive and is driven directly hydraulically via 2 hydraulic motors for minimal maintenance.

Rapid changeover by using the tool carrier’s lifting arms and locking lever. The hydraulic hoses are fitted and the support leg dismantled.  

The snow sweeper can be combined with the salt and sand spreader for maximum utilization​.

Once the winter season is over, the sweeper can also be used for other outdoor tasks making it useful all year round.

Easy operation with the joystick in the cabin.

  • The reversible sweeper makes it possible to sweep the snow backwards so snow can be cleared right up to the front door.
  • ​The Timan 3400 snow sweeper can also be used to sweep the autumn leaves off pavements and paths​​


Length in total

3.600 mm​


1.260 mm​


1.000 mm​


670 mm​


155 kg​

Technical specifications

Sweeping width

1.230 mm​

Sweeping width inclined​

1.155 mm​

Børstevalsens diameter

550 mm

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