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RC1000 - V-blade

With RC-1000 with v-blade the operator can stay on level ground and at a safe distance while RC-1000 clears snow and make the area passable.

The v-blade is adjustable in all directions making it very usable in narrow places.

The risk of work accidents is minimized.

The V-blade has three setting options:

The V setting is used to break through large quantities of snow – the snow is effectively pushed to both sides.

The Y setting is used, when the snow has to be removed from pavements, paths and roads – so it is possible to gather the snow in one place.

The V-Blade has a working width of 1,500 mm and is supplied with a safety edge of rubber as standard.

  • ​The operator is not exposed to risks
  • ​Even the steepest areas are made safe and passable
  • ​The V-blade has three setting options

Technical specifications:

Working width

1.280 - 1.490 mm​


100 kg

Hydraulically adjustable

Right – left, y- and v-shape

Scraper edge

Rubber standard, steel option

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