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Produced more than 1.000 machines​

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Timan A/S
Fabriksvej 13
DK-6980 Tim


RC-1000 Tool carrier on tracks

RC-1000 tool carrier

​Remote controlled tool carrier on tracks equipped with a professional remote controlling. The strong partner that provides a good work environment, when it is working on slopes and other difficult to reach places, where regular vehicles cannot be used.​

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RC-1000 Rotary Mower

RC-1000 with a rotary mower

RC-1000 with a rotary mower leaves the grass cut with a nice finish - even on slopes on up to 50 degrees.

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RC-1000 double acting cutter bar

RC-1000 with double acting

cutter bar

With the Timan RC-1000 fitted with 1,700 mm double acting cutter bar, cutting long grass is easily done – even on steep and inaccessible slopes.

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RC-1000 Flail Mower

RC-1000 with a flail mower

RC-1000 works easy and safe on slopes on up to 50 degrees - and under district heating pipes, around storm water reservoirs, under solar cell panels and on other difficult to reach places.

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RC-1000 Stump Grinder

RC-1000 with a stump grinder

A stump can be a big annoyance when mowing or clearing snow, and it can damage your mower. With a stump grinder attached to the RC-1000, you get rid of the stumps once and for all - even on hard to reach places 

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RC-1000 Hydraulic Brush

RC-1000 with a hydraulic brush

​Small and steep paths can be dangerous to walk on in winter weather. With the hydraulic brush attached on the RC-1000, the paths are easily cleared of snow - in safe distance.

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RC-1000 V-blade

RC-1000 V-blade

​Even the steepest paths and trails must be cleared of snow and be passable, but it can pose a safety risk for the operator to move on steep areas when they are covered in snow.

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Timan A/S
​​CVR: 27609627

EU Vat. No. : DK27609627

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Fabriksvej 13

DK- 6980 Tim

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Telefon: +45 97 33 03 60


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