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Product news

Here, you will be able to find the latest news about the products.

  • NEW - Weed brush for Timan 3400
Newly developed weed brush for environmentally friendly weed            control. The operator operates the brush from the cabin via centralized     joystick.
​When collecting the weed, a rubber guard is placed to guides the material into the suction box.
​You can choose wether you want to work on the right or left side and
​you can change the direction of rotation of the brush.
​The speed of rotation and the pressure on the brush are adjustable for maximum efficiency on different surfaces.
​Feel free to contact us for a demonstration.

  • NEW - 1500 mm rotary mower for Timan 3400.
    ​We have expanded the range of implements for the Timan 3400 with a 1500 mm GMR rotary mower. ​The mower is fully hydraulic and without v-belts, making it extremely service-friendly. ​It has hydraulic height adjustment and hydraulic tilt-up, making it easy to clean after finished mowing.​ The mower only runs on the front wheels, leaving fewer tracks in the lawn. ​In general, a mower that produces a good result and of good quality that GMR is known for.
  • NEW - Weed brush for Timan 3400. The weed brush is a very efficient tool for removing weeds between tiles and paving stones in a environmentally way. It will remove weeds and soil from the cracks between tiles in narrow places which usually requires manual removal. Rather than using pesticides or to treat the weeds with a gas burner which is harmful for the environment, the weed brush is a more efficient method than the others.
  • NEW -​ The Timan RC-1000 fitted with a 1.700 mm hydraulic double knife cutter bar mower easily cuts long grass on even steep and inaccessible slopes. Unlike the flail head that crushes the vegetation, the cutter bar mower cuts the grass evenly and subsequently the grass can be used for hay. Note the high working speed, providing a capacity of more than 10,000 m2 / h.
  • NEW - Now you have the possibility to have the Timan Tornado T1 sweeper fitted with a high pressure cleaner. The 10 m long hose with hand lance will ensure effective cleaning even in places that are difficult to reach.
  • Do you want to clear snow in a smart way?
    We have the solution – remote controlled RC-1000 with hydralic v-blade! The v-blade has can be set in three different ways, v-shape, y-shape and as a dozer blade and it has a working width from 1280 – 1490 mm

  • Cleaning up autumn leaves is easy, quick and efficient with the new Tornado T! sweeper system for the Timan 3400. Cleaning under hedges, benches and other obstacles is easily done with the wander hose which is always right at hand and ready for use.

  • New and convenient wander hose for the Tornado sweeper for the Timan 3400. The 7 meter long suction hose makes it easy to clean in basement shafts, in light boxes, under bushes and benches and other hard-to-reach places. The hose is fitted on the back of the hopper so it is always at hand.

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Timan A/S
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