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For more than 15 years, the design and development of our machines have focused on the comfort of the driver at work

​Tool-Trac 5740 Multi-arm Tool Carrier

​Welcome to the only tool carrier with an integrated lifting arm on the market.

The machine is extremely flexible and is suitable for groundcare, winter maintenance, and digging and leveling.

What you get:​

  • ​Two machines in one
  • ​The only tool carrier with an integrated lifting arm on the market
  • Complies with EU Stage V emission standards
  • ​Greater operator comfort
  • ​Wide range of applications
  • ​Wide selection of implements
  • ​Quick change of attachments
  • ​Danish design and quality
  • Your tool for the best results - all year round

The flexible alternative to the articulated tool carrier

Our most powerful machine to date is our articulated tool carrier with an integrated lifting arm called Timan Tool-Trac 5740. It is a versatile machine developed for many different tasks and it is perfect for the professional contractor, gardener, or for you who are responsible for maintenance of larger or smaller outdoor areas. It is especially suitable for housing associations who have many different incidental tasks at hand.

​Our Tool-Trac 5740 is articulated which means you can easily get around corners. It is a unique machine, as it is the only tool carrier with an integrated lifting arm. This means that the Tool-Trac 5740 can be used both as a standard tool carrier and as a mini loader. 

The machine can be used for digging or lifting tasks, and is therefore a multi-tool for the user who wants to have several options in the same machine. You can replace the implements on your Tool-Trac 5740 quickly and solve a wide range of tasks with this machine without unnecessary transport of other machines

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​​Articulated Tool Carrier With a Lifting height of 2,5 meters

Our Tool-Trac 5740 is built to handle several different types of work, and can easily tow a trailer weighing up to 2000 kilos. As our largest machine, it has a lifting height of 2.5 meters.

This creates a versatile machine for handling the tools we offer for this machine. Whether you use the bucket with a capacity of 450L, or the pallet forks. 

Tool Trac 5740 has up to 900 kg lifting capacity and is therefore a lifting tool that can handle many tasks. 

The environmentally friendly choice

With the Tool-Trac 5740 you get a machine where there is no saving on performance, and with the environmentally friendly petrol engine you leave a greener imprint in your working day.

With the petrol engine, the Tool-Trac 5740 complies with the EU's Stage V emission standards, thus emitting fewer NOx gases. Also to save fuel, the engine speeds are automatically lowered to eco mode on the road. This ensures less fuel consumption and thus has both a positive effect on the climate footprint, but also the operating costs.

Danish designed tool carrier with integrated lifting arm in durable materials

For more than 15 years, we at Timan have designed and developed machines with a deep understanding of the driver's job satisfaction and tasks. In our development and design, we ensure greater efficiency and reliability, so that you are able to deliver the best job - regardless of task and season.

Tool-Trac 5740 is good for use in all kinds of weather and is of course designed in durable materials accordingly, so it can withstand both snow removal, lawn mowing and sweeping etc.

At Timan, we think user-friendliness and functionality into all our designs, and with glass in the four sides of the cabin, you get a good view all around. For us, it is extremely important that our machines are both user-friendly and safe for the operator to use.

Comfort and ease of use are paramount

At Timan, we know how many hours the driver needs to spend in the machine and we have therefore designed Tool Trac 5740 with a strong focus on comfort and the user experience. Good working environment is important to think about in the design process, as the machines must be used every day.

For example, the seat is ergonomically correct and the design of the cabin provides a complete view in 360 degrees. In the machine you also have the option to increase the speed via the foot pedal or the throttle. Air conditioning is standard so that the summer heat can be managed and for the cool days the heat is distributed quickly via several nozzles distributed in the cabin.

We believe that the joy of working together with efficiency is the path to the best result. That's why we say: Timan - comfortably better

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​If you did not find the solution you needed, please contact us at tel: 97 33 03 60 or e-mail: info@timan.dk, where we are ready to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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