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Experience complete control in every situation. Regardless of season and terrain.

Timan RC-1000 Flail Mower

RC-1000 works easy and safe on slopes on up to 50 degrees - and under district heating pipes, around storm water reservoirs, under solar cell panels and on other difficult to reach places

​What you get:

  • Tall grass, small bushes and hogweed are easily handled
  • Works without difficulty on slopes up to 50 degrees
  • Better and safer work environment
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Carries out the work of at least 4 people
  • Quick change of attachments

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We are happy to reach out to you and show you what our machine can offer you.

RC-1000 is designed to handle mowing under difficult conditions without risk of damaging equipment, terrain and operator - in all kinds of weather.

With a cutting width on 1 m, the RC-1000 with a flail mower can quickly mow large areas, where a regular mower cannot work.

It is often only possible to mow with a handheld mower on steep embankments and slopes which it straining for the operator.

With RC-1000, the operator avoids vibrations of the body, and he is at a distance of noise and exhaust gas.

The front end of the flail mower can be elevated hydraulically, so the feed of tall and massive material can happen without resistance which gives an increased capacity.

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