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Every Timan machine has Danish quality and craftsmanship

Timan: From garage to international business​

Here you can read the whole story behind Timan A / S - right from the start in the small garage in Svingel to today, where we sell machines throughout Europe and in parts of Asia.


The first sketch

The co-founder of Timan A/S Henning Pedersen needs a machine that can both cut grass and load wood chips in his furnace. Such a machine does not exist on the market and Henning therefore gets the idea to develop a machine that can handle both types of tasks. This is the first sketch of the machine today know as Tool-Trac.


Timan is established

Timan A/S is established in Henning’s garage located in the village Svingel. Together with his brothers Arne and Birger Pedersen they develop the first Tool-Trac. 


Development of the first prototype

Co-founder Birger Pedersen with the Tool-Trac prototype.Even though Timan is a garage business at this point the goal is that you should not be able to see that on the product. It must be a professional machine developed under modest conditions


Timan moves to Tim

The goal of creating a professional product is accommodated and customers are pleased with the machines. In fact, they are so pleased that Timan moves the small business to larger facilities in the old Tim Maskinfabrik - in facilities where the brothers themselves played when they were kids and where they were working with their father who was the owner of the factory.​


The challenges of the recession

When a global recession sets in it is particularly affecting small and medium-sized enterprises​. That’s also the case in Timan where ready-made machines cannot be sold. Thanks to great courage, determination, and great relationships and agreements between Timan and their dealers the financial goals are accommodated.


The first RC production

The Timan range is expanded with yet another product; the RC-750 slope mower. By focusing on a good work environment the machine is remote controlled and works in places where it is otherwise very difficult to work with a regular brush cutter.


Arne Pedersen becomes co-owner of Timan A/S

​The Stubkjær Group joins Timan A/S as an investor and the company thereby gets a professional investor on the board. At the same time Arne Pedersen, brother of Henning and Birger Pedersen, becomes one of the owners and joins as CFO.


VPM purchased along with VPM3400

Timan buys the bankrupt VPM and with that purchase the tool carrier VPM 3400 follows. It is now marketed as Timan 3400. With the aquisition of VPM Timan’s production and development plans move several years ahead giving new opportunities for the company.


The first RC-1000 is manufactured

Vagn Nielsen, developer of the RC-1000, proudly presents the first machine.The remote controlled tool carrier and slope mower is launched at Galabau in Germany and Agromek in Denmark. During the spring of 2015 it is presented with a complete program of attachments including a rotary mower, a stump grinder, and winter equipment.


The Tornado-system is patented

Timan is ready with a fully developed and ground-breaking suction system for the Timan 3400 sweep/suction system. It has taken its inspiration from nature. By imitating the tornado effect a major improvement of the old VPM system is achieved and Timan is applying EU patents on the new system.


RC-751 is launched

A new and improved version of the RC-750 slope mower is launched - the RC-751. Technical improvements and a more modern look have made it a popular partner when cutting tall grass and small bushes.

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