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Timan A/S
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Timan 3400​


​One machine - Four seasons.

Timan 3400 makes the working day pleasant with its spring undercarriage, low noise level and completely unique driver comfort.

​The Timan 3400-series are with its big program of equipment usable in all four seasons. With the efficient sweep/suction system, the series are especially suitable for maintenance of outdoor areas.

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Timan 3400 Tool carrier

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Timan 3400 Tool carrier

One machine - Fours seasons.

Timan 3400 makes the working day pleasant with its spring undercarriage, low noise level and completely unique driver comfort.

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Timan 3400 Sweep/suction system

Sweep/suction system - NEW!

With the new patent pending sweep/suction system, you get the completely unique Tornado-effect which secures an incredibly high sweeping pace - even in ECO mode..

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Timan 3400 Hedge trimmer

​Hedge Trimmer for Timan 3400

With the hedge trimmer for Timan 3400 the days with bad working postures are over when hedges need to be trimmed.

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Timan 3400 Shovel

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Bucket for Timan 3400

With the shovel for the Timan 3400 the days with hard labour, such as heavy lifting and pushing the wheelbarrow, is over.

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Timan 3400 Lawn Mower

Lawn mower for Timan 3400 

This powerful lawn mower with a cutting width at 1350 mm gives a fast and efficient mowing.

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Timan 3400 Grass collector

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Grass collector for Timan 3400

With a grass and leaf collector, the lawn is left clean and tidy without grass lumps and clippings, which can be dragged onto paved areas and into stairways.


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Timan 3400 Dozer blade

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Dozer blade for Timan 3400

The dozer blade is an effective snow clearing tool that can remove even large quantities of snow. The tool is hydraulically adjustable which makes it possible for the driver to control, where the snow should be pushed.

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Timan 3400 Snow Sweeper

Center driven sweeper for Timan 3400 - NEW!

​When winter arrives it is important to have a reliable machine that efficiently removes the snow.

This powerful sweeper leaves paths, pavements and roads nicely cleared.

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Timan 3400 V-blade

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V-blade for Timan 3400

The V-blade is a flexible and efficient tool for clearing great amounts of snow.

It is hydraulically adjusted and has three setting options.

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Timan 3400 Disc Spreader

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Disc spreader for Timan 3400

The disc spreader has a flexible spreading width, from 1-5 m. This makes it suitable for large areas such as car parks and roads.

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Timan 3400 Drop Spreader

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Drop spreader for Timan 3400

The drop spreader is an effective salt and gravel spreader.

The material will be dropped in 1 m width.

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Timan A/S
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